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Axglo Tri Lite Buggy



Fair to say, golf buggies are just not what they used to be….thank god!  You can still buy yourself an “old fashion” outfit if that’s your style, but golf buggies these days are far removed from what they once were.  They are lighter, most have three wheels (some four) and when packed down, take up far less space in the boot than what they used to.  Thankfully, “pram technology” has made its way into buggy design because not everybody drives a Rolls Royce convertible like Al.


The Tri Lite from Axglo is one such product.  Canadian owned and designed and weighing in at just under 7kg’s it is very light and packed down it only measures 65cm x43cm x32cm.  Setting the buggy up is a snap - two release clips and in less than five seconds your done and ready to load your bag and strap it in.

Constructed with aircraft grade aluminium and components made with high strength industrial materials, the Tri Lite is a solid unit.  It is fitted with a large storage compartment that will comfortably hold your phone, GPS, a couple of balls etc….


A great recent addition to the accessory range is a seat you can retro fit.  A storage/travel bag for easy and clean transportation is also available as is an umbrella holder.  The Tri Lite comes with a bottle holder as standard.


Not every buggy will fit every bag and a lot of modern buggies will comfortably fit cart bags but not much else.  The clever design of the tri Lite allows for a variety of bags; stand, cart and staff to sit easily on the unit.


The tri Lite comes in a range of colours; frames and wheels, to dress up your kit – if that’s the way you roll!  The brake system is hand release and very easy to use, but beware!  Like ALL machines that have brake cables, they will eventually need replacing.  But if you continually start pushing the buggy with the brake on, the cable will snap – so when you storm off the green after a 3 putt, remember to flick the brake off!


Much has been written about the health/injury aspects of pushing your buggy as opposed to pulling it and like most higher end buggies the Tri Lite has three wheels and coasts along nicely and at under $200 it represents value for money.


And how did it perform?  The Axglo Tri Lite is a great buggy and performed faultlessly.  It was easy to push and manoeuvre and late in the round on a hilly course, it’s light weight was appreciated.  It also lived up to its promise of an easy set up.  They have even designed a small step adjacent to the front wheel that made it effortless.     


If you’re in the market for a robust, lightweight unit that won’t take up too much space in the boot, you really should investigate the Tri Light.




"Gunga galunga"