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Bad Golf Behaviour




The whole behaviour at golfing tournaments in the USA thing is getting really old. The morons that yell out during swings need to start realising that, they are not funny. They never were funny and whoever thought they were ever funny should just just do us all a favour and stop coming to golf tournaments.


The problem really resides with Americans. For years they have tried to make believe that they are the cool hipster crowds of golf. They built stadium holes and persuaded fans to be loud and obnoxious towards golfers, but this has backfired on them. Now American fans cannot get through a golf swing, without somebody yelling out some absolute nonsense and if they do manage to not say anything, they cannot stand the silence and yell out something to make the ball listen too. 


When you watch The Open, you do not see, or hear this. This is because the English crowds have respect for the golfers. Usually the same when tournaments are held in Australia, although a bad tone is creeping into ours sometimes. The answer is, "just don't!" You make us look like a country of idiots.


The recent controversey of Justin Thomas hitting a shot and someone yelling out "get in the bunker" is a prime example. I mean, who goes to the golf and hopes somebody will play badly? Doesn't every golf fan want to see the best playing the best? I know I do. I have never yelled out "mashed potato" or "you da man!" or even "get in the hole!" because really, who does? The answer is, idiots do. You are not clever. You are not original. You are not funny. You are just a moron.


Ok, you want to cheer for your favourite golfer and that's ok, but do it in a civil manner. Professional golf is not the footy. It is not the place to drink yourself stupid and be an idiot. Golf is all about respect. If you don't have enough of it to conduct yourself in a proper manner, then do us all a favour and either keep your mouth shut, or don't come.


There are, of course, a few exemptions and this seems to make things worse. Ryder Cup seems to bring the worst out in some fans. The whole Danny Willet's brother pointing fingers at bad people thing is only at the Ryder. Laugh it off and get on with it. You don't see Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy still baiting each other on the golf course do you? This is because it is just in Ryder Cup that these things happen. It is the only tournament with the only excuse that will be accepted. Eventually, even the Ryder Cup will settle down (I hope), but you never know.


So please, next time you head to the golf, conduct yourself with the same recpect that you want during your game. I'm quite sure that you don't want idiots yelling out in your backswing do you? If the guy in your group will hit you over the head if you did it, then what makes it ok to do to a pro? Grow up!



"Gunga galunga"