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Christmas Gifts for a Golfer


Christmas time is here once again and I’m sure there is a golfer in your life that wants things golf under the tree. But, what to get them? Hopefully this will help you out. No matter if you want to spend $20 or $2000, we have you covered.



 It may sound a little dull to you buying golf balls for your golfer, but believe me, we need them always! The difference is at Christmas time, you have the scope to buy maybe a level above what they normally use. If they are the type of golfer that says “Oh, those Titleist Pro V’s are way too expensive to lose”, then why not spoil them and buy some? But, don’t just think Titleist. The new Bridgestone B330s is the ball chosen by Tiger Woods for his comeback. It is just as good, if not better, than any ball on the market. Also, look at Taylormade Tour Preferred, Callaway Chrome Soft or Srixon Z Star.


If they are the type to lose a few and struggle to find fairways, then look at Srixon Q Star, Bridgestone E6, Taylormade Super Deep or Aeroburner Pro. If they a little older and their swing speed has slowed down, look at Callaway Supersoft, Srixon Ultisoft or Bridgestone Extra Soft.


Believe it when I say that all golfers will love golf balls for Christmas. Just get the right ones. Top end balls will set you back $50-$70 a dozen, mid range $30-$49, low compression and/or distance balls $19-$29.



All golfers need shirts to go and play golf. Polo shirts that is. Make sure it has a collar because it gets hot out there in the Aussie sun and we don’t want too many red necks running around. Seriously, most golf polos these days are very highly rated in the sun protection SPF range. They are also made very well in terms of their moisture management. When you get hot, they wick the sweat and moisture from your skin and keep you cool. There are so many companies doing moisture wicking garments these days, that you are bound to find one that will suit. Pick a colour and a price range and just go for it. Most shops will exchange for size or colour if they don’t like it. Price range is $30-$79.



Not something that you find the average golfer buying very often. In fact, most golfers are ashamed of the dirty old towel hanging from their golf bags, but still do nothing about it. Buy a brand new, shiny and clean, logo golf towel for them and watch them hang it with pride. Prices $15-$35


Garmin Tru Swing

Is your golfer the kind that goes to the driving range and bangs away on hundreds of golf balls all night or on the weekend? If they are doing this without any kind of way of measuring their shots, then most likely, they are just wasting their time. The Garmin TruSwing reads every shot and gives them feedback to correct any flaws on every single swing they make. Let them practise with a purpose. This small, but powerful, little device is a must for all those range addicts out there. Price $219-$249 (Click here for review)


Rangefinders & GPS units

There are so many of these on the market that it makes your head spin thinking about which one is the best, but I will try and narrow it down to just a few. In laser rangefinders, it’s easy, Bushnell rules! There are a few different models to choose from, but the all-round winner for the ease of use and reliability is the Tour V3. It is priced at around $339-$399 but it is the industry leader and the one I would strongly recommend.

GPS units on the other hand are different. There are so many out there. You need to ask yourself what information you need. If you are the type of golfer that plays everywhere, that is, a different course all the time, then you need a GPS that will show you an outline of the complete hole in front. Best choices are, the Garmin G6 or G8. Both units are first class in terms of reliability and ease of use, as well as loads of data and the complete map of every hole you ever play.

If you only need the basic data (front, middle and back of every green) and you only play the same course again and again, then you may want to look at either a GPS watch or small unit. Two I would suggest are the Garmin GPS watch S2, or the G10 unit.(Click here for review) Both are reliable and will give you all the information you need to get around your home course with ease. Price $150-$199



Buying golf clubs an be fraught with danger. The danger is that it’s such a personal thing that they may not like the club at all. This is not a problem. It’s the thought that counts, they always say and this is the case here. As long as you don’t take the club out on the course and hit it, any golf shop will exchange for what your golfer really wants and get them into a driver that will make them smile for the next year and beyond. If, on the other hand, you want to surprise them with the best driver going around, then look at Taylormade M1 or M2 (around $500-$600), Titleist 917 (around $699-$799) or the Callaway Fusion ($550-$650)



There are plenty of golf buggies on the market. Heavy, light, plain, colourful, 2 wheel, 3 wheel and even 4 wheel. The range is huge, so let me help you get the one that will suit you best. The easiest way around the golf course is with a 3 wheeler. They are the lightest and the most cost effective buggies around. You will look to be spending around $179-$350 on a good one. The best are the Clicgear 3.5's and the Rovics. Those 2 will be long lasting and will serve you well day in, day out for years. If you do not want to spend that much, I suggest the Axglo Tri Lite. There is also a seat as an aftermarket add on if you need one. (Click here for review)



The hot and sunny conditions we play golf in here in Australia make it absolutely 100% necessary to wear sunglasses while out playing for 4-5 hours in the UV light. There are plenty of golf specific sunglasses on the market, but to cut through and just recommend the best is what I will do here. There are far too many to rate from best to worst anyway. The best sunnies you can get for golf are the Oakley PRIZM lens range. There are 18 different frames available in the golf range and all of them look pretty good. Try to get the most coverage for your eyes with a frames like "Radar, Flack or RadarLock", these frames will allow the largest lenses to fit and give you the best protection. The PRIZM lens itself helps golfers by letting them see the contours of the ground before them much better. This helps when reading greens and looking at differences in the grass around the course. Oakley golf lenses have no magnification on them, so you do not have to take them off at any time during your round to see the ball better. The frames can be customized too, so your favourite colour can be added all over to make you love them even more. Prices are anywhere between $200-$400 but are worth every cent.



If you have a problem golfer that nothing ever seems to be right for, then just get a voucher. All golf shops will do vouchers and they are perfect to let the picky golfer select what they want and when they want it. Regardless of what amount you get, they will always add to it, to perhaps get that big item they want, or just buy massive amounts of their favourite golf ball for the summer ahead. Either way, you did your bit and got the perfect gift.


Well there you have it. Buying for a golfer isn’t hard if you put a bit of thought into it. The basics are always good, Balls, shirts, caps and vouchers will always be appreciated by any golfer. Hopefully this helps you if you want to get them something special. When it all comes down to it, most golfers are just creatures of habit and will get the same stuff over and over again. That's ok! Just top them up, I guarantee they will be happy.


Merry Christmas to all and Gunga galunga!