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Cobra Connect Driver


Just when you thought you had seen it all, here is something new. Cobra have created a new sensor along with Arccos that will be inserted into the driver grip and will relay information regarding positioning and distance on every drive you hit. The information will be sent to the golfers smart phone in real time while playing the hole. Not only that, but there is a virtual driving distance competition running all the time on every par 4 and 5 on every golf course.


The technology seems amazing and it will be available on the F7, F7+ and King limited black drivers. The app is then downloaded and synced with the sensor. Select your golf course and start swinging away. The app also doubles as a golf GPS and you can see on every par 4 and 5 the "King of the Hole" distances you need to get onto the leaderboard in the virtual driving distance competition. The app has connections to Facebook and Twitter so you can stay social while using the app and playing golf at the same time. Driving distance, accuracy, averages and more analytical data is displayed making the sensor a great tool to those who want automatic data recorded without having to stop and do it all yourself during the round.


Apparently there are 40,000 courses mapped worldwide, but I cannot seem to find the library where they are listed. Their website says that America, Canada and the UK are all done but does not mention Australia. I'm sure this is just a matter of time before it hits our shores and our courses get mapped. The app will also feature exclusive driving tips and product videos as well.


These drivers are due for release in 2017. Watch the video below for more information.


"Gunga galunga"