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Cobram Barooga Golf Club – Old course


“So I jump ship in Hong Kong, make my way over to Cobram Barooga and the Old course”



The Old course at Sporties Cobram Barooga is a staple on the Murray River circuit. It’s one of those courses that you just go to every now and then to remember how good Murray River golf is. Apart from fishing, there is nothing else to do in Barooga other than play the golf course. There is of course 36 holes at the venue and the west course takes in more of the low-lying land around the river. The Old course wraps around the clubhouse and crosses over the road for some great holes as well. So here goes.


The 1st hole presents you with your first question of the day. At only 239 meters, do you test the early rusty swing with a shot at the green and an eagle chance? Or do you play the hybrid and have an easy wedge to make birdie? Either way, it’s an easy par to start. The 2nd and 3rd holes will test your driving as they are a lot longer. At nearly 400 meters, 3 will make you realise that this track is going to be no push over. A well placed long drive to the right-hand side of the fairway is the best way of getting home in two, but the second shot is no picnic. The green sits a little blind in a swale and will take an extremely good shot to have a chance at birdie.


Cross over the road and you find the first par 5 of the course. The 4th is one of the narrower fairways and the second shot needs to be played close to the out of bounds left to get close to the green. The best play is to be on the right side of the fairway to give you a better shot. Next is one of the more picturesque holes of the course. The 5th is a par 4, 385 meter up n down hole. A blind tee shot that needs to be played with a fade for best result will put you into position to go at the putting surface, but only if you can carry the large bunker that guards the green middle to left. Par here is a very good score.


The 6th, at 192 meters, is a very long par 3 and players will need their best shot to hold the green. The par 4 7th is a straight downhill birdie chance with a flat green and the 8th a 128 meter par 3 is reasonably easy as well. Try to make your birdies by then as the 9th is a long par 5 that only a few will reach in two. Making my way towards the clubhouse after 9 holes, I was feeling satisfied with sitting at 1 over. I was a few ahead of Mitch and feeling as if it was my day. We had joked the night before that we were going to shoot par the next day as we had a few beverages at the nearby Golf Resort. Not only was the rule “No noise after 10:30pm” but the free small carton of milk had us laughing and remembering simpler times of our youth.


A par on the wide 10th was the perfect way to start the back 9 and the following pars on 11 and the par 3 12th had me thinking that if I could just get another birdie, I would be square with the card. I had to scramble a par on the next par 5 along the border of the property and I was left thinking that 13 was one of the harder holes here. Then disaster. Carving my drive out of bounds from the 14th tee, I went on a bogey blitz through the next few holes. Mitch was making ground on me fast as I proceeded to bogey 15, slice my drive behind a tree on 16 and 3 putt the par 3 17th. Thankfully, I had just enough shots in the bank to hold him off down the par 5 18th and we finished the day as we started the night before, in the clubhouse restaurant with a beer.


Often it's the staff you come across in the country courses that make you remeber what a great time you had. We cannot speak highly enough of the pro shop staff. They are extremely helpful and will accomodate any request, within reason, to help you out. Although we were booked for a later tee time, the staff there got us on the course earlier and in a little block that had few behind us. This was perfect for taking the drone vision. We think it's just the whole country laid back experience that gives these courses the edge over the city courses. The staff here are genuinely interested in your story and why you are there. The pro shop staff in the city just want you out the door as soon as possible. The relaxed timeframe here is a massive attraction to playing good golf. You feel like your heart rate is already slowing as you walk to the first tee, sorry, you meander to the first tee. No need to rush.


There is accomodation everywhere here. As you walk along the 18th fairway of the Old course, to your right you will see hotel after hotel. They are all good, close and comfortable so you really cannot lose staying in any of them. Any trip along the Murray river golf courses should include at least a one night stay over at this course. The Old and the West are both worth playing so what are you waiting for? Get some friends together and get away for a few days.


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The Score:

  1. Tees                     10/15
  2. Fairways           12/15
  3. Greens               11/15
  4. Bunkers             10/15
  5. Design                11/15
  6. 19th Hole          13/15
  7. Price                       9/10

Total:                             75/100


At only 3 hours drive from Melbourne, Cobram Barooga and the surrounding area courses are a great weekend, or week away. It is the perfect distance to have a short getaway, play some great courses, meet some great locals, eat some good food, have a few drinks and just play some relaxing golf. As long as you don’t make any noise after 10:30 that is. The golf courses here are good all year around and the weather usually is much hotter than Melbourne, it’s so worth it.

Call them on 03 5873 4448  for a booking.  The club offers a golf package service to suit all budgets as well as corporate or trade days on 1300 062 334. The golf was cheap, the beers were cheap, the food was cheap. The pace was relaxed. Go and play it!


“Gunga Galunga”


Click here for the drone vision of the old course