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Golf Course Reviews

“The Daddyshack course scoring method”



We try to take everything into account. That is why we score the components of the golf course separately to reach a score out of 100.  Please Take note - We only review public golf courses.

  1. Tees – Tees should be flat, not sloping, with a good grass covering. Simple.
  2. Fairways – As long as you get a good lie & good covering of grass, we will score them well.
  3. Bunkers – The key word here is consistency. That is what we look for when scoring bunkers.
  4. Greens –  We pay close attention to pitch marks, speed, consistency and pin placement.
  5. Design – One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This is why we don’t review courses alone.  The review process is a team effort.
  6. 19th – We look at the drinks/food menu, atmosphere and even how friendly the barman is.
  7. Price – We take into account the price we have been charged for green fees and discuss if we got value for our money.

We never ask for free golf and never accept any cash for comment. We hope you enjoy our reviews as they are the honest opinions of actual golfers that have just played the course. If you would like us to review your course, feel free to drop us an invitation through the contact us page.


“Gunga galunga!”


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