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My Epic Flash Driver Experience




If most of you don't already know, I love Callaway product. Don't get me wrong, I do love all golf product, but given the choice in woods and drivers, I will choose Callaway most times.




Certain companies do some things well, some things very well and even some things not so well. To me, Callaway drivers have always been that one thing that I can fall back on. From the very first Callaway driver I bought, I have been hitting the ball great from the tee. I was very much a Taylormade guy at first and owned the first metal wood all those years ago. It was 20 meters longer than my old Hogan persimmon driver which cost me a whole summer's wages from cleaning golf clubs for members when I was a kid. I continued to buy Taylormade drivers for quite a while, up until the R11s (which I still consider one of their easiest to hit), but after getting a Callaway FT Tour driver, my opinion changed.


I think it was the overall finish to a Callaway product that I found appealing. From working in golf retail for so many years, I see drivers come and go. I also see plenty of them come back into the store to get fixed. I saw fewer and fewer Callaway drivers coming back in to be repaired. Some would say that it's more of an older guys club, so they don't swing it fast enough to break, but I sold plenty to younger golfers as well. I think it has to do with the R&D money ($40.74 million in 2018) that Callaway pay to achieve their end product that makes the difference. 


After toying with some Titleist and Nike drivers in recent years, I ended up with the Callaway Epic Sub Zero and that driver changed me back to a Callaway man again. The Jailbreak technology really seemed to make a difference to how straight my driver was going and although the sound put me off a little, the results were amazing. So how could I resist when I heard that there was a new, better, longer Epic about to hit the stores?


The story behind this new edition of the Epic was almost unbelievable. The face was designed by Artificial Intelligence! Sorry, but WHAT? You heard correctly, It was designed by a super computer that ran up to 15,000 variations of design before it found the perfect one that would give the club more ball speed than anything on the market. Just that story alone made me want it, but as the early reviews started coming in and the results of the Tour players starting racking up, this club made me a believer and I hadn't even hit it yet! I bought it without even trying it because I was so confident in the brand and in the early reviews of its performance.


The first outing with it was incredible. I hit it long and straight from the very start and had the feeling that, not only was it long and straight, but it was much longer. Usually when I sell a driver to people in the store I tell them that they can expect to hit the newer technology further and in most cases, this is true, but that distance can usually be about 5-8 meters further and sometimes up to 10-12 depending on the upgrade. More times than not, it's the consistency and straightness that improves with a newer driver. I had seen my distance improve over the years a little bit with each model bought, but as the years go by and I get shorter off the tee, I needed something special.


This new Epic Flash is it. I was correct in thinking I was getting more length. After the first few games, I brought it into the store to compare it to my last Callaway Epic Sub Zero. The numbers on the launch monitor made my jaw drop. I was getting 18 meters further on average compared to my last driver. The ball speed was 21mph faster than my last driver and as a result, I was reaching places of the golf course I haven't been able to reach in years. Don't let anybody tell you that equipment doesn't make much difference. The right driver for the right person can make ALL the difference. Yes, the price is a little high for this product, but how much would you pay to get nearly 20 meters more off the tee?


Of course, shaft technology has improved and all companies have new designs out on the market. I'm not saying that the Callaway Epic Flash Driver is the one for you. I can only relay my experience about upgrading my driver to the newer tech. From most of the drivers I have seen on the market now, all companies seem to be producing models that are very close to each other in terms of distance and performance. If you are looking for a new driver, just pick the brand you like and head out to try a few new drivers. It could be the key ingredient to much better golf.



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