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The Approach G10 is one of the latest products from the GPS wizards at Garmin. Every time they bring out a new GPS model, people are always asking, “What is new about it?” Well, there isn’t really anything new about this unit, but it is a lot of units rolled into one.


The first thing you will notice about the G10 is how compact it is. It is small, but the readout is as big as you need it to be. I for one, must wear reading glasses to see close writing and such, but the numbers on the G10 were simple for me to read straight away. The front and back measurements were readable as well as the bigger middle of green measurement. For most people who want a simple to use GPS unit, this is where they will end. If they have front, middle and back on every hole, they are happy. But this unit has so much more and it's smaller than Dr.Beeper's beeper!


Along with the standard features, this unit has measurements to front and back of hazards. Easy to switch between the standard view and the hazard information view, you will be checking how far the fairway bunker or water hazard is and hitting off with confidence towards them. The layup feature I found extremely useful as well. Checking your layup distances used to take a bit of working out. You must check the distance, then subtract and work out where and what club to hit to get that comfortable distance to the green. The layup feature does all of this for you. Layup distances give you the precise distance to hit to have 100, 150 and 200 to the green without having to be a maths genius.


You can also measure your shots, manually move the pin position, download your game on Garmin Connect, time your round or use the odometer to check your steps. You have the option of recording every shot and there is an electronic scorecard that is quick and easy to use. These features are perfect if you want to get the most from this unit, but I am guessing most people will buy this for its simplicity. The 15-hour ion lithium battery and auto advance of holes will make sure you will be doing as little as possible to make this unit keep up with the game you are playing. In fact, using it for the first time yesterday, I was amazed how simply it kept me up to date with wherever I was on the course. I did not even need to check the yardage on the second and third holes, but the unit told me the distance I was away from the 4th without even touching it after the 1st.


This unit is impressive and it has taken all the best features from units before and put them into a simple to use, small, easy to read GPS unit that seems to have everything! Even a small price! You will find this unit for under $200 at all golf shops and online.  It’s the perfect gift for any golfer. A belt clip will make sure it is always at hand or there is a carabiner if you want to attach it to your golf bag. Three words sum up this unit for me. Simple, easy, effective. Go buy it!


“Gunga galunga”