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The cost of a launch monitor these days is, let’s face it, quite expensive. Of course, only the very expensive ones work the most reliably as well, making the cost of getting electronic help at the range too expensive for the average golfer.


Those days are gone! Garmin, market leaders in Golf GPS, have created a simple, inexpensive device that is ridiculously easy to use, easy to understand, completely mobile and works with every swing and every club.


Simply clip the TruSwing device below the grip of any golf club and it sends all your swing data back to your smart phone in a way that is easy to assess each swing. Every swing is even saved onto your mobile so you can look at the data anytime.


It measures all the things you can’t see. For instance; you think you may be swinging a little inside the correct path on your backswing, so you stand in front of a mirror and look. But this only works because you are looking at the mirror! When you swing, you are not looking at the mirror, you are looking at the ball, so the drill is useless. TruSwing will map your swing instantly and tell you where your swing path actually is. On the take away, at the top and at impact. Not only that, but it also does it in real time so you can check after every swing and make adjustments there and then without the need for a video camera or an onlooker.


Once the small device is clipped on the shaft of your golf club, just place your smart phone next to you and swing away. Data comes flooding in with every aspect of each swing you make. Not only club path, but swing tempo, swing speed, face position at impact, shaft angle at address and impact, shaft lean at address and impact and dynamic loft. You can run again and again the 3D image of each swing and even run it at a slower speed. The 3D image of your swing can be swung around 360 degrees to look at it from any angle. It is absolutely brilliant!


Do not stress if you do not own a smart phone as it is also compatible with other Garmin devices.  The Approach S4, S5, S6, S20, X40 G7 and G8 will all sync with this device and let you analyse the data. A unique feature with the S6 will also let you see how your wrist performs during the swing too. At just over $200 in most shops, you will have the perfect lightweight launch monitor for any occasion. You could pay way more and get less. Garmin is a dependable company that produce high quality products. From my experience in working in retail golf outlets, Garmin products are easy to use and and very reliable. 


The true beauty of this product is where it can be used, virtually anywhere! Ty Webb could've used it near his pool or his pond instead of going out and having to "cannonball" at the greenskeepers shack. It really is a simple device that will help you improve anywhere you can swing a club. Home, office, cap park, caddyshack, yacht club...etc...etc...


I can’t say much more about it except, “What are you waiting for? Christmas is nearly here, ask for one!”


“Gunga galunga”