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OnCore MA 1.0




Who are OnCore Golf and where did they come from?

The reason you may not have heard of them is because they are based in Buffalo, New York,

but they are making sure that their name will be remembered for years to come with their golf ball range.

I played the unique MA 1.0 today and the results were amazing!




Brett Blakely & Steve Coulton are the co-founders of this very unique golf ball company. The pair are the inventors behind the steel hollow core golf ball and were responsible for making the USGA re-work the rules according to golf ball manufacturing in 2012/2013. It was in 2013 that they developed the hollow core and they have been refining it ever since. Their range now has other balls to choose from including the Caliber, the Avant and recently, the Elixr which was such a good premium golf ball that Golf Digest added it into the Hot List and Gary Player used it at the Masters this year, saying "better than any ball I have used in 65 years as a pro golfer."


All that being said, this review is about the MA 1.0 which is a straight distance ball. Heading into the colder months in Melbourne I usually change from my very soft golf ball to something a little firmer. The greens become soft and just about anything you hit will drop and stop. With the wind and rain as well as the cold air, the idea behind using a distance ball is getting that extra few meters from the tee and also reducing the spin rate so the wind effects it less. So, with this in mind, I chose the OnCore Ma 1.0 and took to the course.

On getting the golf ball out of the package and into my hand, the first thing I noticed was that it had very little markings on it. Just a small OnCore broken circle in the middle and a number within, plus a putting alignment arrow on the side with the name of the ball inside that. It looks clean and feels hard. Its a 392 dimple pattern with a high strength metallic core, performance polymer layer and a tough ionomer cover. When they say tough, they mean it. I played the same ball for 18 holes and it still looked like new at the end. All of these technological advances are designed to make the Ma 1.0 go straight, but in the end, does it work?


Off the tee it makes a very firm hit with the driver and although I don't miss many fairways normally, I hit every fairway with this ball and did not over cut or hook the ball all day. It was also very straight with the irons. The only place this ball falls down is in its spin rate. On a few of the times I hit into the green, there was little to no spin with my higher irons and very little with the wedges as well, but this will not bother a lot of people. Its very firm cover makes it really easy to putt with and I made some very nice putts on the day.




MA 1.0




Overall, the ball performed as it was intended. If you play golf through the winter and are not put off by playing in the wind and rain, you might want to get a few of these into your bag for just such an occasion. The advantage far outweighs the cost as these balls sell for under $20 a dozen on the Australian market. It's a perfect golf ball for windy, cold mornings or for any golfer that wants a very straight, long distance ball.


There will be plenty of people that will laugh off this review and never even consider using a golf ball like this, but that is an advantage to players who will, because this ball is straight and long. They have plans to launch their Genius golf ball in 2020 and they claim a golf ball that measures shot velocity, spin rate, carry and total distance, trajectory, apex, tells you where you are on the hole and how far you are from the green - and delivers that data to your smartphone within seconds without sacrificing performance. With what they have developed so far, who's to say they won't deliver? Not me. 



Verdict: If you want a cheap, long, straight golf ball that looks good & plays great, buy these.


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"Gunga Galunga!"