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Our top 20 public golf courses in Victoria - 2019




Although debate will rage around the ranking of the courses we have put in here, we have played all of these golf courses and firmly believe that they all belong on this list. The actual order should not matter that much as it's always in the eye of the beholder and not everybody will agree. What we are trying to say is, all of these 20 courses are worth playing. If you have not played them then hopefully this will make you look them up. They are all public access so what are you waiting for? 



  1.   The Dunes

  2.   Moonah Links - Legends Course (review)

  3.   Thirteenth Beach - Beach Course

  4.   Port Fairy Golf Links

  5.   St Andrews Beach

  6.   Murray Downs

  7.   Sandhurst - Champions Course

  8.   Moonah Links - Open Course

  9.   Cape Schanck - RACV

10.  Black Bull (review)

11.   Thirteenth Beach - Creek Course

12.   Rosebud Country Club - North Course

13.   Lang Lang (review)

14.   Portsea

15.   Eynesbury (review)

16.   Anglesea (review)

17.   Flinders (review)

18.   Club Mandalay

19.   Eagle Ridge

20.   Gisborne



Yes, we know that some of the best courses will most likely be left off,

but it's because they are not purely public access.




#1 - The Dunes





"Gunga Galunga"