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From working inside a golf retail shop, sometimes you get a unique insight as to how golfers think. Customers will tell you some surprising things regarding their games, but I am always surprised at how many golfers turn their noses up at pre-loved golf balls.




Seriously people, what is the fascination about new golf balls? By the time you take them out of the box and hit them once, they look like the ones you buy in the used boxes. For this you pay double the price for them. That's right, sometimes you are paying DOUBLE!! Now firstly a confession, I have been using pre-loved golf balls for the last 12 months and in that time I have not come across a single one that I have looked at and said, "No, wouldn't use that." The condition of them is great and I personally know the guy running the supply of them to most stores in Victoria. The grading system is A-1, his stock control is first class and he is an industry veteran with years of experience. 


Secondly, there is a big difference in the quality of pre-loved golf balls versus re-furbished golf balls. The standard pre-loved ball is found out on the golf course, washed and sorted into  the various condition grades then re-packaged to be used once again. The re-furbished golf ball is found out on the course, but instead of washing, it is sand blasted to get it as clean as possible. The issue is that this process takes the outer layer off the original golf ball and you are left with a ball that looks good, but will not last or perform as good as the original. A lot of customers wrongly tell me that these golf balls have been re-painted, but this is not the case. How do you tell the difference? All re-furbished golf balls will state just that on the packet.


Most people will seek out the Pro V1 ball to buy and the top end here there is a little bit of difference. Depending on where you buy your Pro V's, you will be paying about $69-$79 for them. The mint grade (good as new) will set you back about $48, but that is still way cheaper than new. The grade 1 balls (some minor irregularities) are the ones I have been using and they sometimes have a stamp or logo on them, but never once have I found one with a cut or unplayable part to it. I play the TP5x grade 1 and they go for $27 a dozen. We sell the new ones for $54. I get 24 balls for the price of 12 new ones.


The grade 2 balls (some minor scratches) are the ones that I would recommend if someone is just taking up golf or wants to fill their practice ball bag with some better quality than rocks. They are not the greatest golf ball to use out on the course for the average golfer, but that is why they are so cheap. These products serve a very good purpose in a retail environment where nothing is getting any cheaper. The grade 2 balls are a better ball to use than some of the cheaper dozen balls in shops.


The price of golf balls just keeps going up, so why not make a slight change that will not impact your game negatively, but your wallet positively. It's a no brainer people! It's time we all got over ourselves and realised that we are not Tiger Woods. We do not require a brand new golf ball at every swing of the club. Most of us are also not made of money like Tiger or get paid to play a ball. Purchase wisely.



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