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Precision Pro NX7




The gadgets in the golfing world seem neverending sometimes. You can't look at your Facebook or Instagram feed without seeing a paid edvetisement for something new. It's safe to say that a lot of these things are not super helpful to your golf game, but some are and one of those must have gadgets is a rangefinder.




They have been around for a long time now, but rangefinders ease of use makes them the go to gadget for me. No signing up to course libraries, no waiting for GPS signals to locate me, no frustration from starting my round and finding out I forgot to charge my device and it lasts 3 holes. Just point and shoot...easy! The batteries last and last, sometimes for years at a time and other than finding out you might have it set to yards instead of metres, nothing much can go wrong with them.


Several brands have ruled the market, but recently there have been a few nice surprises from other, lesser known brands. One of these brands is Precision Pro. The 3 models they currently have on the market have one big advantage over their competition; the price. While the Bushnell models, that seem to be the industry standard, have their models at around the $500 mark, Precision Pro have 3 models under $300. A welcome change to those of us that don't want to spend a fortune, but still get a must have device.


The first model is the Nexus and it is the base model. A 1-year warranty and a unit that is a little bigger than the other 2 more popular models, the Nexus is good for those just needing a base model, but the best of the Precision Pro models are the NX7 and the NX7 Pro.


Both these models come with a 2 year warranty, both have 6 times magnification, both have the pulse vibration technology, both have a water resistant design, both are accurate within 1/10th metre over 350+ metres and both are tournament legal. The difference is that the Pro model has Adaptive Slope Technology. This comes in very handy for those who play a golf course with changes in elevation as it can give you the exact distance measurement, including the gradient of any shot and incorporate it into a single yardage. Not allowable in tournament play, but a flick of a button can change it to legal status.


So how, does it feel to use? The standard NX7 and the Pro model are both lightweight and simple to use. The crosshairs though the viewfinder are very accurate and easy to lock onto any target. The only real difference I could tell between the Bushnell and the NX7 was the time it took to relay a distance. When I say time, I'm splitting hairs a little because we are only talking about seconds, not 10's of seconds. The vibration function works well and I had no issues getting the same reading as the Bushnell from the same spot. So it's accurate, easy to use, has good magnification and most importantly, it's hundreds of $'s cheaper than the Bushnell.


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So, yeah, you can go out and buy the most expensive model on the market and you will get great performance and spot on accuracy, or you can spend less and get the same thing. Not a hard decision really.



"Gunga galunga"