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Seed Golf Balls



Another new name on the golf ball market, but what makes Seed golf balls a lilttle different?



The stricter regulations of the way golf balls are made these days has levelled the playfield for all golf ball makers. This has given rise to some new names in the golf ball scene and Seed is the newest of these names. Seed golf has its roots in Australia and Ireland. Dean Klatt is the man behind the new company and although once a Queenslander, he now runs the company in Ireland. 


The way that Seed are distributing their product is innovative and ingenius. They have set up a website and a subscription style selling method that has you sign up and choose the regularity you want the golf balls directly delivered to your house. This means that they can give you low, low prices on their product becasue they basically eliminate the middle men in the selling process. They spend no money on getting the professionals to endorse the product and do not market heavily to the trade. This means that the product is not readily available everywhere, but they can distribute it themselves anywhere.


Here in australia we are lucky becuase the Golf Clearance Outlet has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Seed, so we can get them at a great price without the subscription with an overseas company needed. It all sounds great, but how good are their golf balls? Through their website, they claim that they compare on the robot tests to the same levels as tour grade golf balls. If this is the case, then clearly some golfers are about to save plenty getting on board with a comparable product, but at a lower price.


The range of balls is only small at the moment, but that's ok. They are only pitching to the big groups of golfers with each ball. The first ball is the SD-15. It is the "Country Mile" golf ball that is low compression and durable surlyn cover that will appeal to the everyday golfer. This ball feels very similar to the Srixon Ultisoft or the Callaway Supersoft. I'm unsure what the compression of this golf ball is, because it does not say so on their website, but it feels like a 40 or 50 compression.


This means it will give a little distance kick to those people out there who do not swing the club at 100MPH, which let's face it, is a lot of golfers. The cover is very durable so it will keep it's playability for up to 4 rounds of golf. If you can keep it out of the water for that long. Designed for the handicap range of 20+, this golf ball at $19 a dozen will sell very well.


The second ball in the range is the SD-01, or The Pro ball. This is the tour ball. 3 piece, soft feel, high spin and a cast urethane cover that will produce tour spin, tour trajectory and a tour launch angle. Seems like about a 90 compression ball and that means it will work well with very fast swing speeds. The average swing speed of a tour pro these days is about 115MPH and this ball will work very well for swings between 95 and upwards of tour speed. Performance will be similar to Pro V1x, TP5x or B330.


The last ball in the range is the new one for Seed. The proto-type SD-05 is similar to the SD-01, but is a little lower compression (about 70) to fit the better player who has a slower swing speed. This works well with the low marker who has lost a little distance over the years, or just the player who like a slower swing. The higher launch and flight will get better, longer carry and will add a few meters of carry to the slower swingers shots. A very similar golf ball to the Callaway Chrome Soft or the Srixon Q Star.


The dimple design is where Seed say they have made their advances over the competition. The design will help keep the ball airborne for a longer carry and will fight the sideways spin created on shots as well. They are not huge on hype, or flashy packaging, because as they say, they are trying to keep the costs low so consumers can just get a great ball for a great price. We went out to try the Country Mile and the SD-01 Pro ball and this is how they performed.


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Country Mile-  This golf ball was very impressive. We used this on the front nine holes and at the end, we swapped to the SD-01 Pro ball. Standing on the 10th tee, I was extremely impressed with the durability of the cover. Although I had used this ball for nine holes already, there was not a mark on it. In fact, when I asked my playing partner to guess which ball I had just taken out of the box, he guessed the one I had played nine with. I know what you are thinking, this means that it is hard, but you would be wrong. This ball feel very soft off the driver. The lower compression will suit many average golfers and allow them to extract a few more meters from their shots. It does not spin a great deal with shots from inside 90-100 meters, but that is the trade off you get with the added distance. It sits down nicely with full iron shots and feels great off the putter on the greens. I would very gladly say, that there is NOT another golf ball on the market, at present, that is as good at this price point. It plays very much the same as Srixon's Q Star ball, but is $10-$15 cheaper per dozen. At $19 per dozen, this ball represents not only great value, but unbeatable value.


The Pro-  The difference between using this ball compared to the Country Mile was around the greens. There is a great deal more spin and control inside that wedge zone and the better player will appreciate the playability. It does feel a little harder off the driver, but that is because of the higher compression rating. It is made for swing speeds of around 90-100+ MPH, therefore suits the "Pro golfer" type of player. It also spun a lot out of the sand and gave us very good control chipping and pitching. It sat down quickly with full iron shots from the fairway, even with a few 5 irons I hit, which was impressive. It was also very good off the tee when we went after a few of them. The higher compression does not suit my swing, but my playing partner was getting it out there the same distance, if not longer than the Pro v1x he was playing most of the day. The talk was that this ball plays a lot like the Pro V1x and we have to say, we agree. This golf ball is amazing for the price. Tour ball performance for $39 a dozen? Where do I sign up?


The spin numbers- We gave the Pro ball a solid workout on an available launch monitor to see how it compares to the best in the marketplace. We hit 7 shots with a 7 iron with each ball, took out the low and the high number and then averaged out the other 5 shots to get a good idea of how each was performing. The numbers on spin rate were the interesting ones, because as far as distance was concerned, all performed within 5 meters of each other. Here are the results:


Titleist Pro V1x          : 7514 rpm

Srixon Z Star XV        : 7616 rpm

Seed Pro SD-01         :  7845 rpm


The spin numbers, as you can plainly see, tell the story. This golf ball is not only cheap to buy, but plays extremely well in comparison to 2 of the best on the market. 



The verdict:

When you stack up the performance of these golf balls compared to the price, they are definitely the best value golf ball on the market at present. The price is no indication of the quality, in fact, it is an indication of a smart marketing strategy, that we think will work well for Seed. We hope to be playing this golf ball for a long time and saving plenty for doing it. A yellow ball would be helpfull in the average golfer range to help those who have poor eyes on the course, but other than that, we cannot fault this golf ball. You need to give it a try.



If you need maximum spin and have a fast swing speed, try the Pro. ($39)

If you need maximum spin with an average swing speed, try the SD-05. ($39)

If you want standard performance for average swing speeds, try the Country Mile. ($19)



"Gunga galunga"