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Social Golf Clubs



There are many social golf clubs that have been cropping up on the Australian golfing landscape

in the last few years. Most of them are run very well and if you are a golfer looking to expand your

horizons, in terms of playing many different golf courses, this could be for you.


Even though we have been playing golf for over 30 years and had been members at various golf clubs over that time,

it was always at just one club & one course at a time. Social golf membership offers you the ability to play with your current handicap

at a different course each week. Sound good?

This is our Future Golf experience.




Future Golf was created to be a social way to play the game of golf. Each and every week, the members of the club compete in events across Australia to win prizes, get together with friends, play different golf courses and generally just try and get better at playing this great game. For some, it's the ability to play with others that is the draw of social golf clubs, for others it's the ability to be a member of a club, but play so many different styles of golf course. Either way, it's a great way to enjoy golf.


Future Golf have 43 golf partners in Victoria alone and 37 of those are golf clubs. By joining up to their "Addict" membership, players receive FREE games at all partner golf courses for the 12 months. This means that you can play 37 games of golf for nothing after paying your membership fee. A pretty good deal when you consider that 5 of the golf courses are Spring Valley, Yarra Yarra, Eastern, Woodlands and Kew. Some of the other great courses include Lang Lang, 13th Beach, Cranbourne, Keysborough, Moonah Links, Portsea and The Dunes, just to name a few.

Membership also includes other benefits like lessons, golf simulator time, mini golf, an official handicap, driving range balls, green fee discounts (after your free rounds), the ability to submit social rounds for handicap and access to their social media lounge, where you can organise to play with other members at times that suit you. Of course membership also includes access to play in the tournaments every week where you can win some great prizes. If all of this sounds good, you may want to explore it some more.


If you need more information though, tune into our Facebook feed or back here on the website each week where we will be writing a blog of the experience first hand, because we have joined as "Addicts" and will be playing plenty of tournaments, using all of the extra features of the membership and playing lots of golf at lots of different golf courses. Is this the future of golf membership in Australia? We can't wait to find out.



If you want more information about Future Golf or are interested in joining,