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That's My Ball







How many times have you got to the green, looked down at your golf ball ready to make a well deserved birdie and exclaimed, "This is NOT my ball!"



The answer to that question varies from player to player, but most people these days have lived that nightmare several times. The solution? Mark your golf ball with a unique style. Most people will grab their Sharpie and make some sort of a line or dot configuration, but how many different combinations is there? More and more people are opting for some sort of personalization in the form of a stamp.


Golf ball stamps are nothing new, but the range of stamps is what keeps on growing. In the beginning, there were maps of Australia, kangaroos and dollar signs, but the humble golf ball stamp now has over 100 different ways to make your golf ball stand out and more importantly, make sure you never play the wrong ball again. The penalty for playing the wrong ball is 2 strokes in standard play and the loss of the hole in match play, so the stakes are pretty high. 

The That's My Ball  company has just been taken over by new owners and they are looking to get the word out that golf ball stamps are one of those things that every golfer should have in their bag. I recently looked a little deeper into the stamps they carry and was pleasantly surprised at the range and the quality. I opted for the Saint stamp and was amazed that one long press into the ink pad got me 12 balls marked before I had to re-ink. The ink itself is a special design that does not come off easily and re-inking kits are available.


For those of you who are looking to support your team, there are Eagles, Saints, Magpies, Dogs, Cats, Lions, Tigers, Swans and for those NRL fans, there is also Rabbits, Dragons and Roosters. There's even a few super heroes in the form of Batman, Superman or even Heisenberg who is a hero to many, "Say my name!"





The fact is, there is a personal way to make your golf ball your golf ball.

It's cheap, easy and unique. If logo's are not your thing, they also have every letter in the alphabet,

so you can just go with your name instead.



That's My Ball  is available in all good golf shops or at your local pro shop. If they don't have them, ask  "Why Not?"

If you cannot find them, you can head to their secure website and purchase yourself at




Click here to see how easy the stamp is to use


Click here to see some of the more popular stamps




"Gunga Galunga"