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The Daddyshack Cup



NEXT EVENT:   Date to be finalised


Pairs Ambrose

2 players team up to play Ambrose style format. 

Players add their handicaps together then divide by 4 for the daily handicap.

Each player must have 6 drives on the card.




The standard DaddyShack Cup rules apply

1. You must have an official Golflink handicap to enter the daily competition

2. Only pairs will be put together to play, no groups of four friends are allowed in the one group

(this is to keep the Cup as fair as possible & prevent cheating)



There will be nearest the pins on the par 3's

& Longest Drive on the par 5, 10th

Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Prizes for the top 10 players


Plus every player on the day gets a shot at 


The $5000 Hole In One 

on the par 3, 15th hole (150 meters) 




ENTRY FEE IS: $80 for guests & $50 for Eynesbury members

Entry includes: Competition entry, Green Fee, Cart hire and Pot & Parma afterwards.



















"Gunga galunga"



We are always looking for sponsor support. If you would like your business to get involved with this great little tournament, we would love to speak to you. 



We are always looking for charities to support. If you would like your charity involved with the DaddyShack Cup please get in contact with us through: 






Previous Days Results

1st DaddyShack Cup : 15th April  Stableford (Winner had 37 points)

2nd DaddyShack Cup : 24th June  Stableford (Winner had 34 points)

3rd DaddyShack Cup : 1st September  Ambrose (Jarrod Lyle Charity Day raised $13,565)

4th DaddyShack Cup : 9th March 2 Man Ambrose (Winners had 61.75) 

5th DaddyShack Cup: June 15th Stableford (Winner had 40pts)

6th DaddyShack Cup: 31st August Ambrose (#DoingItForJarrod Day raised $7,302)




Daddyshack Cup Entry - Member
Daddyshack Cup Entry - Guest
Daddyshack Cup Entry - Team Guest