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The Daddyshack Cup





Eynesbury  GC, Sunday 17th of June, Shotgun start at 1pm


*  The entry will be restricted to 72 players only


*  There will be a draw to put groups of 4 together

(We are happy to put together pairs of players, but not 4's. Please specify partner on entry)


We want our tournaments to be fair and fun because we think that is what is missing from most golf tournaments these days



 The competition of the day will be individual stableford, but don't think that you will turn up with your 3 amigos (like the Holden Scramble) and just write down scores that are not justified. We have created this competition because we are sick and tired of going to golf days and having teams of 4 get scores like 20 and 23 under par to take the prizes. This will NOT be happening at our tournaments. The first Cup was won with a score of only 37 points!There will also be tournament officials out there, making sure everything is above board and nobody is taking advantage of any short cuts. This is a properly run tournament and will have a fitting winner. If you have a great day out on the course, you can expect to be winning a prize. Speaking of prizes, we have plenty. Prizes will be awarded to the top 20 players. This means that not just 1st, 2nd and 3rd get the chocolates, but 4th to 20th do as well. 

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There will also be prizes for nearest the pin on 2 sponsored par 3's, a NAGA and a hole in one prize.

The prize is a choice between $5,000 cash or 5 nights in Las Vegas playing 5 incredible world class golf courses through Ultimate Golfing Holidays. Check out the Las Vegas holiday package.




Your entry fee gets you:

*  18 holes of golf at the magnificent Eynesbury Golf Course

*  Use of an electric golf cart

*  Entry into our competition 

*  A casino style ball marker 

*  A meal after the round 

Perhaps even a drink or 2 out on the course as well.





Enter by sending us an email to and we will send you details on payment. Entires done this way will be $75, otherwise you can book through the Eynesbury Pro Shop for $80.



* Your entry will not be guaranteed until the entry fee is paid in full.




"Gunga galunga"




* Check out the photos from our 1st Daddyshack Cup below, or see them all on our Facebook page.


1st edition : 15th April 1PM shotgun start

2nd edition : 17th June 1PM shotgun start