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To Pro V or not to Pro V, that is the question.





So many customers come through the golf shops I have worked in over the years and the number 1 selling ball throughout all that time, has been the Titleist Pro V1. Year after year it remains the best selling golf ball on the market. The easiest way to get people through the door in any golf sale is to offer this ball at a discount. But, think of this for a minute, Is it the right ball for you?


Again and again I ask people who buy this ball, "What do you play off for a handicap?" The answer really amazes me sometimes. You would expect people playing the players ball to be off a very low mark, but this is not the case. Often it is a number in the high 20's that customers are saying. The biggest gripe is that they can't hit fairways with their drivers, but they are playing a ball that has the highest spin rate on the market.


I really applaud Titleist for the great job they do on marketing this ball worldwide. They, of course, do have a great range of different golf balls, but over and over, people just reach for the Pro V. Well, I'm here to say that the Pro V is not the right ball for you. Yes, you, the guy I so often play with, who cannot hit it straight. The guy who cannot make it spin. The guy with an extremely low swing speed. The guy off 30. STOP BUYING THIS GOLF BALL!!!


Yes, I know you have always used it. Yes, I know it's the best ball on the market, but it is not the right ball for you! The reason there are so many different golf balls on the market, is because there are so many types of golfer playing this great game. Your game can really be changed quite dramatically, by getting the right golf ball for you. You want to play a golf ball that spins around the greens, but you can't hit a fairway off the tee. That's alright, just get a ball that is a little firmer for your tee shots, but has a softer cover for greenside. Your options should be Bridgestone e6, Srixon Q Star, Callaway Chrome Soft X or Taylormade Project a. All of these options would spin less than a Pro V off the tee and keep you straighter. They will! They will also spin when you get close to the green. They are not rocks, they will spin.


Ok, so you are the type of golfer that has a slow swing speed and you suffer from a lack of distance. Pro V WILL NOT HELP YOU! You need a lower compression golf ball. The reason is, the golf ball with less compression will squeeze and spring more off the clubface because it will spend more time there. Look for golf balls with mid to low compression. I'm talking to the guys out there who only hit it around 200 meters off the tee or less. The guys who take out a fairway wood on a par 3. You know who you are, stop buying the Pro V! Your selections should be Callaway SuperSoft, Srixon Ultisoft, Bridgestone Extra Soft or even Titleist So Lo


I am not anti - Titlesist, I am just saying , that following the professional golfers in everything they buy is NOT always the best thing to do for your game. I understand that there are people out there who will continue to buy the Pro V, because they are just about ready for the tour. If it wasn't for their jobs, they'd already be on it ey? That's fine, keep buying it, but there are thousands of you out there who need to make a change. Don't you want to play better golf? Don't you want to hit your second shot from the middle of the fairway? I know I do.


So next time you drop into your local golf shop or talk to your pro at your course, let them know the issues you are having with your game. Sometimes, that new shiny $700 club is not the answer. It could just be a $30 golf ball that could be the cure you are looking for.




"Gunaga galunga"