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Werribee Park Golf Club


"So I jump ship in Hong Kong, make my way over to the Werribee Park golf club."


Founded in 1976 and situated alongside the Werribee River, The Werribee Park golf club has been going from strength to strength. The poorly irrigated fairways of the past are now lush and green and the large sized greens have a great grass covering and are easy to putt on. The soil underneath drains well too and the course is usually available for play 12 months of the year.


At a total of 6247 meters from the back tees, the course is long enough for any golfer and the plains have the wind whistling through at fast speeds making the long par 3’s quite a challenge. The traditional setup of 2 par 5’s, 2 par 3’s and 5 par 4’s is on each 9. It’s hard to say which nine holes I preferred.


The front 9 starts a little slow with 3 holes that did not excite me that much. The opening hole a flat par 4 of 327, the second a flat par of 354 and the 3rd, a medium length flat par 3. Having not played here before, I was thinking this golf course was not going to be one of the greats. Walking a little slowly to the 4th tee, I was hoping for something to change. Luckily it did. The 4th hole is a great par 5 that is reachable in 2 with a long drive down the right side. The undulation I was searching for finally had come and the next few holes took advantage of hills and swales with some good solid par 4’s.


The par 3 8th hole was directly into the wind and took all of my 3 iron to get there. At 175 meters, it’s a healthy length par 3 but the wind made it extremely hard to reach on this day and I had to settle with bogey. The 9th is another good par 5 and the green is tucked away on the left and hard to hit in 2. One of the better greens at the course await you here and a front pin position gives you not much to aim at.


After making the turn there are a few more pedestrian holes ahead. Like the start to the front 9, the start to the back doesn’t explode with imagination. 10 is a long straight flat par 4, 11 is a flat straight par 5 with some trees in the middle of the fairway. 12 is a dogleg par 4 that was making me think that there was not much left in this course. Fortunately, I was wrong. The 13th winds around to the left and requires a well-placed tee shot. The 14th is the signature hole here and the Werribee river runs all the way along the right with the out of bounds fence. You need to be long from the tee but very accurate as too far left will see you blocked out and not far enough will have you in the deep rough. A good drive will leave you with 9/PW to a small undulating green.


With the Clubhouse perched atop the 15th tee, you might be thinking, as I was, that you could just duck up for a quick pot then run back. Although it seems in reach, resist, as you are about to play the best par 3 at the course. Only 130 meters, but tricky if you miss. Danger left and right and a raised green with some healthy borrow makes par here a good score. The 16th again is another of the standout par 5 holes at this course. Do not, I repeat DO NOT try to go over the hill on the right. Although you may be able to just squeak it over, there is no advantage as this hole is a genuine 3 shotter. Falling short into the high grass on the hill will lose your ball and your playing partners will not want to climb this to help search. The large white dead tree in the middle of the fairway here looks fantastic, except if you are behind it, but you should be past with your second shot well enough not to bother with it. The green is raised and tough to hit.


The 17th was the most disappointing hole here. Uphill and featureless, it does not do much except get you to the 18th tee. Upon reaching 18, you are presented with a panoramic view of the fairways and greens you have just played beneath you. Ahead from the tee, you see a steep grassy drop to the right (So don’t go right) and bunkers down the left side. There is only one play here, bomb it at the green. At only 310 meters most will not make it, but you will be close enough for a closing birdie with a good chip.


The Score:

  1. Tees                   6/15
  2. Fairways      10/15
  3. bunkers           6/15
  4. Greens          12/15
  5. Design             9/15
  6. 19th Hole    10/15
  7. Price                 9/10

Total                            62/100


The tees were never flat on any hole here other than the 1st. I cannot understand why golf courses think it’s okay to give us sloping tees? The hole doglegs left and there is trouble left as well, so let’s slope the tees for a hook. Crazy! The bunkers were in poor condition and some had virtually no sand in them at all. One I played out of did not need me to rake it as I had made no impression. But, it’s not all doom and gloom, the greens were great to putt on and the fairways, although long, were lush and green. The price again is a winner, at $30 for 18 holes, you will leave satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my game at Werribee Park golf course, but the course just lacks a little polish. Unnecessary for some, so go play it and make up your own mind.


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“Gunga galunga”