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Who are we?


We are two industry veterans who love all things golf.  We want to give you, a fellow golfaholic, the latest information in the world of golf:

  • Course reviews
  • Equipment road testing and reviews of golf products
  • Previews and reviews of all tour events weekly
  • Exclusive YouTube drone vision channel
  • Travel to some of the world's greatest golf course
  • And we have watched Caddyshack more times than we care to remember


Mitch (The night putter)


"Arguably the greatest practice swing you’ll see – the rest of it is in the hands of the gods!"


Mitch has been playing golf for 40 years and spent the last 10 working in the golf industry.  Everything from club fitting, building and repairing golf clubs, advice on appropriate equipment, reviewing courses, running golf days and of course playing. Mitch loves the PGA Tour.


A wealth of experience playing courses around Australia, in particular Melbourne.  Remember when you couldn’t book a tee time at Yarra Bend? - your ball went into a shoot and you teed off when it came out the bottom – Mitch can.  Remember having a Ping one iron in your bag because all the pros did? – Mitch can.  Damn, Mitch even recalls playing Dunlop 65’s – you get the picture.


It doesn’t matter whether Mitch shoots 70 or 170, it’s all about enjoying your time on the golf course.





Carl (The Cinderella Boy)


"He's not the greens keeper who became the masters champion, but he's done practically everything else in the golf industry.

In fact, he's been in golf since before the Dead Sea was sick."

  • Over 20 years of club fitting experience
  • Over 20 years of experience in club repairs and building
  • Over 20 years of retail experience
  • Over 20 years as a low single figure golfer
  • Over 20 years of travelling and playing golf internationally

Carl loves his golf (might be the greatest understatement of all time) - playing it, talking about it, researching equipment, repairing clubs and watching tournament golf. He is the man behind the Twitter feed, the Instagram feed and never misses a PGA Tour or European Tour event. If his Foxtel got stuck on the golf channel, he wouldn't even ring them to get it fixed. Carl loves the European Tour.


Probably Carl's greatest asset is his honesty.  If you want the truth, ask Carl. He's never heard of sugar coating. If he likes a product, rest assured, it's because it's great.


Most of all, he’s a true fan of Caddyshack.


Through the running of our own tournament every 2 months (The DaddyShack Cup) we have gained great skills in running golf events and golf days. If your company wants to run an event, we can be of help to you. Just get in contact with us via our email and we can help you run a successful event.


As for the use of "Gunga galunga"  through the website. The Film Caddyshack does not address this explanation and the Urban Dictionary does it's best without really nailing it. We here at Daddyshack like to say that the expression's meaning is "May your ball land safely and peacefully" so this is how we use it.